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Mould being removed by one of our specialists using our special mix of cleaning products.

When it comes to mould cleaning, mould testing, mould inspections, and mould restoration, we are the local trusted leaders and experts. Having experience that spans decades, our skills and knowledge in the industry are unmatched. Being a family owned and operated business servicing the entire Darwin area, we are dedicated to keeping our town 100% contaminant free and our customers happy & healthy.

There's a reason we are the most trusted mould cleaners, because the quality of service we provide is unmatched. We provide high quality remediation treatments that are quick and done right the first time, and will give you a no-obligation quote at no cost. We are an ethical company with deep roots in Darwin for generations, and are committed to providing the best mould remediation in the Northern Territory.

All our technicians have extensive knowledge on Darwin's hot and humid climate so can provide the best service tailored specifically to you and your home. Keeping your home bacteria free is so important as if left untreated it can be dangerous to you and your family's health. Since starting our own business, we pride ourselves on keeping our fellow city members safe and healthy all year long and remove even the most difficult jobs.

To not only keep your home looking great, but also keep those dangerous spores from damaging your health, reach out and speak to our professional team to get your mould removed and your property back to tip top shape!

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Free Quote

Call us now for a free quote on your remediation job! You will be put directly in touch with one of our experts who will assess your situation and give you an honest quote.

Competitive Pricing

We offer some of the most affordable prices in town for mould cleaning. You don't have to break the bank just to remove your contaminants, we have affordable options for you!

Quick, Prompt, & Efficient

We know how much of a hassle having mould in your property can be, that's why our team finish your job promptly and efficiently to keep any downtime to a minimum.

Strong Reputation

We have build a strong loyal customer base across our town. We are dedicated to maintaining our reputation as the best mould cleaning company in Darwin.

Decades of Experience

We have lots of experience and are great at what we do. Mould remediation is ranked as one of the most dangerous jobs so that's why you should hire a professional to take care of it.

Fully Licensed & Insured

Our team is fully licensed & insured and have decades of experience in the industry. Give us a call now!
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A home in Darwin's roof that is infested with mould and bacteria.

Mould Removal Darwin

Do you have mould currently showing in your property? Well if it is currently visible, it is safe to say there is also a lot that isn't visible. Remove all traces of contaminants within your home, business, or construction site with our team of mould removal experts.

Our team has the latest technology and equipment to locate and eradicate any hidden mould from your premises, and offer same day services for jobs that require urgency. We take all removals very seriously as we know how dangerous lingering contaminants can be to your health.

Please don't hesitate to give our mould remediation team a call for any of your mould cleaning and restoration needs.

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A wall that is covered in mould in a Darwin home.

Commercial & Industrial Mould Removal

Mould removals may be easier than you think!

Do you have a business or construction site with mould growing in it? We have a team of experts with decades of experience in commercial & industrial mould extraction from all types of properties, so no matter the job, we have solution for it. Don't put you and your employees at risk for any longer, get a professional mould removalist to clean and restore your property back to 100% mould free.

We strive to always leave our customers satisfied because we what value as a company is quality of service. For all your industrial and commercial mould cleaning needs, turn to us!

08 6610 1085
Inspector using analysis equipment to test the levels of mould in a home in Darwin.

Mould Inspection Darwin

Why is mould a problem?

Mould in your home can be extremely hazardous to your health, especially for prolonged periods of breathing it in and out on a daily basis. Mould produces tiny particles called spores which carry through the air and get into your lungs and airways. These can cause all types of sicknesses and can be toxic to the body.

These problems are far worse indoors where mould causes indoor air quality problems. In the Darwin climate, mould tends to grow at high rates and can be difficult to manage without professional mould removalists. Getting fast mould extraction from an expert team of professionals is the best solution to removing mould.

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Mould being cleaned off using special blend of cleaning chemicals from contaminated surface.

Mould Contents Restoration Darwin

Has mould gotten into your belongings and damaged them? Our contents restoration service can restore your belongings back to their original state with a 100% safe an effective treatment. We can treat furniture, luggage, clothing, leather items, inside vehicles, accessories, and even books, art work, and bags. Don't just throw away your valuables and belongings if they've been damaged by mould, come to our team of professionals who will help you restore them back to the way they once were.

With mould restoration, you can be assured that your contents are in safe hands. We love the look on our customers face when we restore them back to new again, so reach out today if you need your belongings mould free!

08 6610 1085
Fogging treatment being applied to and sprayed in the interior of a house in Darwin.

Mould Misting Treatment

The best way to restore air quality back to safe levels and prevent future mold growth is with our antimicrobial misting treatment. We can eliminate 99.9% of mould spores in the air using a unique solution that doesn't use toxic or harmful chemicals in it's mixture, stopping the mould from ever coming back once removed.

With the latest technology and equipment in mould misting treatments, our team of mould removalists will leave your home in a mould-free state so you can get on with your life safely and healthily.

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Why hiring a professional mould removalist is important


Removing mould can be extremely dangerous when not left to a professional to do the job right, like established mould removalists such as ourselves. While there may be DIY removal techniques for small spots of mould, they only offer a temporary fix to an ongoing problem. Some of these mould problems really do require the equipment and technology that a home DIY job just wouldn't be able to get to, not to mention the safety concerns associated with it. Hire a mould cleaning professional to get the job done safely and effectively, and leave your home mould free!

Employing a professional can avoid serious health issues for you and your family: When left untreated, mould will spread and can be dangerous to you and your family's health. It is known to lead to respiratory health issues, greatly disrupt air quality, and risk the health and wellbeing of your household. You want to make sure you are employing a professional team of residential mould removalists so the job gets done right and leaves you and your home happy and healthy.

We eliminate 99.9% of mould spores from your home: Even after having your mould removed, the spores can linger causing the air quality to diminish. No one wants to have to breathe in mould all day long, so turn to us to get every spore completely eradicated from the air in your home. Using top of the industry technology and equipment, we can detect mould levels and types, and remove them completely through air purification misting.

We can remove even the most stubborn mould, no job is too big or small: Our remediation process works so well that we guarantee you we can remove all types of mould from your home, no matter how stubborn they are. We have decades of experience across our expert team and have come across it all over the years of being in the cleaning industry. We believe that every problem has a solution, so no matter the size of the job or the stubborn-ness of the mould, we will make your home completely mould free.

We will make sure the mould doesn't return: If you have tried to remove mould yourself but it just keeps on returning, then it is time to turn to a team of professionals to help you remove it from your property. Our team of experts will determine the root cause of the mould, detect any hidden sources, and eradicate it completely so it never comes back.

08 6610 1085

Need Darwin Mould Removal?

Reach out now to request a quote or to speak to our friendly staff about options for your mould cleaning & restoration.

Our company goals & mission

We strive to be the best mould cleaners in town!

Our goal is to become the leaders of mould removals in Darwin, known for our level of expertise and customer satisfaction. Each and every day, we are committed to providing the finest customer service to our clients by always upskilling and increasing our knowledge to handle any mould remediation job out there. We treat our team members and crew like family and make sure they are well compensated as it is important to us that they enjoy working for us. This means we can hire and retain the best technicians in the industry. Our team excels because they love their work and get paid well, resulting in top range work which leads to more business and greater amounts that we can invest back into our company. Our customers are always calling us back for more work!

Our owner still oversees the entire business and even works on most jobs with the crew. This is not only because he loves what he does, but he believes it is important to maintain a good face to face relationship with his customers, set a good example for his crew, and also ensure quality is of a high standard. We have a team of expert technicians who have worked on thousands of home and businesses, so we always ensure that the level of quality and expertise remains high on every job.

Through our company values of honesty, integrity, and effort, we hope to be your go to mould removalist company. Our goals as a company are massive, so we continue to strive to be better every single day across all facets of our company to deliver our customers top notch service. We are always staying up to date with the newest and latest cleaning equipment, mould analysis technology, and mould contents restoration products, to get the job done fast and visually on point. If you want top quality service done right, then give us a call today and speak to one of our friendly experts!

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Your home for all things mould in Darwin.

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